[Marxism] Frat boy jackass macho President Bush

Ben Ben youcanemailbenhere at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 19 16:57:47 MDT 2006

>The president
>has enshrined his immaturity and insularity, turning every environment he
>inhabits - no matter how decorous or serious - into a comfortable frat
  i'm not so sure this isn't a leak. bush comes across as believing what he says in public - which flies in the face of the "general impression", after WMD talk, that bush (and blair) were lying in public at the moment of the run-up to war. plus his dunderheadedness probably plays fairly well to some parts of the US electorate, alas!
  has anyone else advanced the idea that the transcript was semi-staged, perhaps cut and then leaked, with or without blair's participation in the ruse?

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