[Marxism] Ahmad Khalidi (corrected)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Jul 19 20:38:32 MDT 2006

Lajany Otum wrote:
> Interestingly, in the article cited by Rakesh,
> Khalidi nowhere described  the actions of
> Hezbollah as an adventure.
> The first party to label the actions of Hezbollah
> as "adventurist" seems to have been the
> House of Saud who are viscerally opposed
> to real resistance to US and Israeli designs
>  for the region, of which they [Saud] are a
> key prop.
> Lajany Otum

There exist situations in which the alternatives are "adventurist" or
death. The Palestinians and their allies in Lebanon seem to be in such a
situation. Not to engage in "adventurist" actions would be to become
unresisting slaves of  Israel.


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