[Marxism] Re: French Marxism in the 1960s

Emrah Goker antidoxic at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 02:22:56 MDT 2006

I can recommend a couple of works in English that might offer insights
about the French left-wing intellectual scene after WW2.

"French Intellectual Nobility: Institutional and Symbolic
Transformations in the Post-Sartrian Era" by Niilo Kauppi is a
brilliant sociological analysis (Kauppi himself is largely influenced
by Pierre Bourdieu and 'field analysis') of leftist intellectual
struggles in France.

A good recent work which specifically focuses on French Marxism (and
Althusser) is by William S. Lewis, "Louis Althusser and the Traditions
of French Marxism", but chronologically, Lewis deals with early 20th

Michael Kelly has an early introductory work, "Modern French Marxism"
(1982), and a more recent study which has a broader scope, "The
Cultural and Intellectual Rebuilding of France after the Second World
War" (2004), both might help.

Sunil Khilnani's "Arguing the Revolution: The Intellectual Left in
Postwar France" should be interesting, but I haven't read it, I know
it through an NLR review: "Contentious Commitments: French
Intellectuals and Politics" by Gregory Elliott (NLR July-August 1994).

Hope this helps.


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