[Marxism] Re: Fri 7/21 Emergency Action at the US Mission -- UFPJ Calls for Immediate Cease

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Jul 20 09:22:56 MDT 2006

Steffie wrote:
NONETHELESS, the central message is the call for an immediate ceasefire.

On the basis of that demand ALONE -- an Immediate Ceasefire -- I will
be there on Friday to talk to other folks who turn out.


I think there is a broader basis for supporting the action.  That is,
that UFPJ in its left-liberal way is attempting to mobilize opposition
to the Israeli aggression and doing so on what seems to be a
non-exclusionary basis.  Perhaps I am wrong, but I think the
demonstration will have  a much sharper anti-Israel and
anti-US-support-to-Israel tone.

The Tuesday demonstration (which was overwhelmingly Muslim and Jewish in
national composition) showed this dynamic very clearly. Called in a
moderate spirit, it became an outlet for deeply felt and fairly
widespread outrage.

The gentle tone UFPJ takes toward Israel's actions here -- simply as a
component of a terrible situation -- is certainly far different than
forces like these learned to take toward the war in Vietnam and even the
invasion of Afghanistan after 9/11.  They feel pressure to cover up for
and protect Israel that they don't feel about the United States (and
even less about the Republican Party). And that pressure ultimately
comes from US imperialism, that sees Israel as a key peg in its drive to
control the Middle East, get rid of "radical" regimes that don't toe the
US line, and take control of the resources (not simply guaranteeing the
US supply, but the power to deny the oil to others).

The colonial-style Israeli settler protectorate has become not just an
ally and a military thug for the imperialists.  It has become a role
model for Washington, as the US seeks to accomplish by force what other
methods have failed to secure.
This approach to Israel is key to the propaganda and breadth of
ruling-class support that AIPAC has today (not just or even primarily
Jewish support).  

It seems to me that UFPJ is trying to reach out far to the pro-Israel
right of the spectrum of opposition to the US-Israeli war against the
Palestinians and Lebanon.  I'm not sure this will accomplish much yet,
but I am not irreconcilably opposed to the effort. I am for seeking a
broad inclusiveness in these protests, to the extent that is practical.
That is, to people who do not hold an anti-Israel position, but are
opposed or shaken by the adventurism and/or cruelty of Israel's actions.

But as long as it is possible to take my own position as part of the
demonstration, and as long as those who attended the Tuesday
demonstration, which was an anti-Israel protest supported by UFPJ, can
say and do what they said and did, I don't see  a major problem.  Even
in that case, UFPJ included a call for general UN intervention in the
crisis that I opposed.  But that stance was not reflected at all in the

Perhaps UFPJ will bring in some more right forces this time, along with
the others.  Okay with me.  Whether it will be able to keep them as this
crisis continues as one of the central conflicts in the region, is
another question.  It will depend on how the pro-Israel forces respond
to the continuing crimes against humanity by Israel and its US allies
and bankrollers.

At any rate, I do plan to be there Friday and hope many others will
join.  Every protest right now is valuable and necessary.

And I hope everyone keeps in mind Yasir Arafat's completely correct
assessment of the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon: 


Fred Feldman

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