[Marxism] Fidel Castro Attends MERCOSUR Summit, His 4th Trip to Argentina

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Fri Jul 21 02:24:31 MDT 2006

On Thu, 20 Jul 2006 21:17:33 -0700, Czeslaw Czapla wrote:

> Walter Lippmann wrote:
> > The Mercosur countries, Argentina and its president Nestor
> > Kirchner, Brazil headed by Lula DaSilva, Ecuador headed by
> > Tabare Vasquez, and most recently Venezuela headed by President
> > Hugo Chavez, indicate their independence of Washington by their
> > act of joining together...
> A minor correction: Tabare Vazquez (with two Z's) is the president of 
> Uruguay, not Ecuador. Uruguay is a founding member of Mercosur; 
> is not yet a member.

   Ecuador is one of the associated countries, since 2004. Full list of 
the associated countries: 

- Bolivia  (1997)
- Chile (1996)
- Colombia (2004)
- Ecuador (2004)
- Peru (2003)

  BTW, I am not sure about Colombia and Ecuador; their association might 
be part of the pact between Mercosur and Pacto Andino (CAN), which 
Venezuela quit in 2006. 

  Venezuela became associated in 2004, and full member in July of this 

   Mercosur's website is at <http://www.mercosur.int>

other information about it at the "Universidad de la República" de 
Uruguay with lots of links


 (information taken from Wikipedia...)

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