[Marxism] Ahmadinejad, an Islamic Feminist (was Reflections on Iran)

Jerry Monaco monacojerry at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 16:30:24 MDT 2006

On 7/21/06, Yoshie Furuhashi <critical.montages at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Yes, I do.  But it is hardly the point.
> If you don't live in Iran or Nicaragua, that's hardly the point, but
> I'm sure it mattered a lot to Iranians and Nicaraguans whether or not
> they got crushed by their respective wars.
> The thing is that the Iranians survived without any Western leftist
> support whatsoever, and if they continue to survive,

they will without
> or perhaps despite what we do or say about them.

Yoshie, please don't argue like this.  It is non-responsive and a little
insulting.  In fact I was in Central America during this period.  El
Salvador mostly, but Nicaragua also.  But I hardly think it matters to
display our wounds.

If you want to support a red terror because it defeats a white terror then
that is fine.  We can talk about the trade-offs of making a revolution when
imperial powers are attacking you.  If you want to support Stalin's
stupidities just because the Soviet Union survived for a while that is fine
too but then let us talk honestly about it and not simply make false
comparisons and not speak to the point.

In this case you want to support a theocratic "revolution" partially because
it survived longer than the Sandinista revolution. On better ground you
argue that the Iranian Revolution is currently a revolution that is somehow
like liberation theology in its ideology.  I have to say I had a lot of
contact with base communities who espoused liberation theology and they
didn't sound at all the way you describe the Iranian Revolution.  But the
second point is your better ground and it is best that you back track from
your first point.

Arguing that the "survival" of a political regime (and that is what we are
talking about, not survival of living people) is a value in itself is a
little silly.  No political regime anywhere should be valued simply because
it survives.  This is bad reasoning and it makes me feel like I am arguing
some point from 1938 with someone who refuses to admit that Stalin and his
supporters went out of their way to destroy as many non-Communist Party
Spanish leftists as possible during the Spanish Civil War/Revolution. Maybe
truly Stalin needed to do this in order for his version of "revolution" in
the Soviet Union to "survive."  But the same points about survivival could
be said about Franco.  Survival in itself is not a value unless it is
survival of something you value.  Maybe I am prejudices against the Iranian
regime because I actually met some Iranian leftists in 1978 who were
murdered by the clerics.  Political regimes are valuable not because they
survive but because they help people to live more decent lives, either now
or in the long run.  There have been very few of those in the history of the

The Iranian political regime killed our comrades and that makes me a little
suspicious.  It doesn't make me want to ignore the social and political
facts that you like to bring out.  I like that you bring them out.

But why I should support people that would want to murder me and my kind you
still haven't explained.  All that you have told me is that it doesn't
matter what I or my kind think.  Then why bring it up in the first place?

We are _that_
> irrelevant to the Iranian people.

Truly I wish we were irrelevant.  For the people of the Middle East and
Latin American our irrelevancy would be a clear advance in international
solidarity.  But unfortunately the absence of a strong anti-imperialist
movement at the heart of the imperial beast is not irrelevant to the world.
It is something that the rest of the world suffers every day.  We could do
more to help people in the whole world -- not just Iran -- by making it so
that our ruling class was too crippled to bomb and terrorize the  countries
that they currently bomb and terrorize than by simply supporting some
revolution in some place or any place.

Unfortunately we are not irrelevant.  We are worse than irrelevant.  We are
absent without leave.


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