[Marxism] Answer attacks UFPJ--Regroupment

Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 21:13:43 MDT 2006

On 7/21/06, cleon42 at yahoo.com <cleon42 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Mark Lause <MLause at cinci.rr.com> wrote:
> > I agree completely, Yoshie.
> >
> > And I don't think anyone should stand too much on the formalities of
> > protocol on this.  If the leadership of the much larger ISO would
> > commit
> > itself to the idea of building a multi-tendency organization
> That's a mighty big if, there, Mark.
> Adam

Ha, ha, ha.  Would my opinion on Iran survive in a fusion?  :->

There is no left publication in the United States that runs the sort
of open letter AGAINST its editor based on complete misrepresentation
of the editor's opinion except MRZine.

Hey, you all ought to let me run that multi-tendency org thingy!

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