[Marxism] Chavez Condemns Israeli Bombing, Extols South-South Cooperation

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Radio Havana Cuba

Venezuelan President Condemns Israeli Bombing of Lebanon

Caracas, July 21 (RHC)--Shortly before departing on a seven-country
international tour, Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez, strongly
denounced Israel's bombing of Lebanon. He also spoke about
South-South cooperation, and emphasized the need for a multi-polar

The Venezuelan leader was speaking at Caracas International Airport
before boarding a plane to Argentina to attend the MERCOSUR and
Peoples Summits, the first stop on an international tour.

He strongly criticized Israel's actions in Lebanon and Gaza and the
weak reactions to those interventions by many other nations, as well
as the corporate media's poor coverage of the events,"They are
bombing entire cities, it is true genocide. Where will this madness
end? It extends from Iraq to Lebanon and Palestine. Let's hope it
doesn't spread further," he commented.

President Chavez noted that the "most virulent, loud, and high-handed
critics of North Korea are the same people who say nothing about
Israel's aggression against innocent men, women and children."

Referring to the media's use of language in reporting on Israel's
attacks on Lebanon and Palestine, he singled out CNN as an example..
"CNN doesn't "speak of invasion, or aggression", he said, "they speak
of the conflict, and the Isreali army fighting against terrorists."

He criticized the United States and their recent veto of a UN
resolution that demanded a halt to Israel's offensive in Gaza and he
touched the subject of his government's campaign to win a seat as a
non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

If Venezuela were able to occupy a seat on the council, he said he
hoped they would "Contribute modestly to the battle to free the world
from the imperialist threat".

The US government has been campaigning hard for Guatemala to take the
Security Council seat to be vacated by Argentina later this year.

While in Argentina, President Hugo Chavez will attend the Mercosur
Presidential Summit, the first since Venezuela became a full member
earlier this month. He reiterated his desire for a more "social"

After Argentina the Venezuelan president will head to Belarus,
Russia, Qatar, Iran, Vietnam, and Mali.


Brazil and Venezuela Set up Joint Venture

Brazil , Jul 21 (RHC)-Venezuela's government -run oil company,
Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and Brazil´s PETROBRAS, have signed a
deal creating PETROWAYUU S.A, which will operate in Caracas.

PDVSA´s Corporacion Venezolana de Petroleo (CVP) subsidiary will
operate with 60 percent of shares, while PETROBRAS will hold 36
percent. Williams International Oil Gas of Venezuela, will account
for the rest.

This is the sixth joint venture created as part of the reshuffling of
the sector in Venezuela, which seeks to convert old enterprises that
infringe on sovereignty and harm the economy, into joint ventures.

CVP had previously made deals with Chevron and Shell, Perenco
(France) and Tecpetrol (Argentina).


Russia-Venezuela Cooperation Growing

Moscow, July 21 (RHC)-- Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez, said in
Caracas that perspectives to increase cooperation with the Russian
Federation are extensive.

Venezuelan radio reported on Friday, that five days from the
beginning of his fourth visit to Russia since 2001, the Venezuelan
leader highlighted his country's interest in cooperating with Moscow
in the energy sector. Chavez noted that Russia has new technologies
and enormous experience in extracting and transporting gas, and so
Venezuela has invited major Russian companies to participate in the
construction of the largest gas pipeline in the world, which will
cross South America.

Venezuela, he said, is also ready to expand cooperation with Russian
companies in prospecting and extracting natural gas, oil and the
construction of petrochemical plants.

In his next visit to Moscow, Chavez aims to boost and develop 37
agreements and 11 letters of intention between the two nations.
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