[Marxism] Re: Answer attacks UFPJ

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Sat Jul 22 08:59:06 MDT 2006

On Jul 22, 2006, at 10:43 AM, Fred Feldman wrote:

> I think that UFPJ's  base and leadership, including even some of the
> pro-Zionists who have exerted strong pressure against involvement in
> opposition to THIS US war in the past, are genuinely outraged by what
> Israel has done and this has shifted their position for the better.

Who are the pro-Zionists?

Does this phrase represent their own sympathies or are they actually  
surrogates for those outside the coalition, who are their social and  
political friends with whom they don't want to break? In this I would  
include the media figures to the right whom they fear and who they  
don't wish to give a handle to.

BTW, Eli Stephens's comment about the "ANSWER" statement explains a  
lot. When I first read it, the structure of the statement seemed  
rambling, pointless, and somewhat ungrammatical as a formal  
statement. [I should complain!] It also had facts in it that I had  
never read of before. At the same time it overlooked the more recent  
minor dustup over Leslie Cagan's comment on Zarqawi, which I would  
have expected ANSWER to include.

Brian Shannon

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