[Marxism] Ahmadinejad, an Islamic Feminist (was Reflections on Iran)

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Sat Jul 22 09:11:39 MDT 2006

On Jul 22, 2006, at 10:49 AM, dwalters at marxists.org wrote:

> "Comparing the situation in the US to some countries in Europe,  
> where abortion
> is not something on the political agenda anymore since it has been  
> granted as a
> natural right, puts the comparison between the US and Iran into a  
> very different
> perspective and is certainly not absurd."
> No, what you argue does not follow. Einde raised the issue of US /  
> Iran. My
> point was: US / Iran, not US / Iran / Europe. But...it's a good  
> question, to
> compare the even more progessive laws (natural or not) of countries  
> like France
> and Germany to IRAN, but maybe you don't want to do that because it  
> makes
> "anti-imperialist Iran" look worse than Europe. You can do the same  
> thing with
> labor laws, btw, or even the legality of labor in Britain to that  
> of Iran. Lots
> of good comparisons there... What is comparable between the US and  
> Iran is that
> both gov'ts oppose abortion. The difference, however, makes "ALL" the
> difference: in the US the gov't want's to ban and existing right  
> won through
> politcial struggle by women, and make it LIKE Iran. In Iran, well,  
> they've done
> that now already so from the reactionary religeous point of view,  
> they've
> already won.
> David

It helps to recall the difference between socialist education,  
propaganda, and agitation as well as the differences in the  
technological advances, productive relations, and social relations  
that exist in less developed and imperialist countries.

As important as these are the specific religious, family, and other  
social relations, including tribal and historical issues.

Unless all this is taken into account, we end up speaking not as  
Marxists but as simple democrats who draw of lists of comparison.

Brian Shannon

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