[Marxism] Ahmadinejad, an Islamic Feminist (was Reflections on Iran)

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Sat Jul 22 09:38:38 MDT 2006

JC Helary:
"It seemed to me the argument was, the US government (and a significant part of
society) is going backward while Ahmadinejad is trying to go forward in the
context you describe."

No, because the distance ahmadine wants to take is about 1 degree out of 360
better (maybe) and the right-to-lifers want to go 359. Hardly a good

"US democracy has no "excuse" for putting some women in situations where there
is little difference between being in the US and being in Iran."

You are not paying attention...it's the whole point: there is a HUGE difference
on the question of reproductive freedom (and how women are treated) in the US
won through struggle and oppresive situation for reproductive freedom for
Iranian women imposed by the theorcracy. Secondly, it's "nice" that Ahmadinejad
cares to frown favorably on some advance for women in Iran, too bad this stems
from his own political machinations as opposed to being won through the
integration of Iranian women in society and through their own organizations.

This doesn't make the US 'progressive' again, it is a false application of the
term, rather it's a statement of fact about how far the women's movement has
come, *against their own ruling class* and what' they've won, their ability to
organize, etc. Clealy, on the issue of womens rights, US women have won more
legal and practical victories than their Iranian sisters, against *their
reactionary* government.

To Yoshi: My point in the comparison was a counter-point to something I believe
you were trying to make when you were making comparisons all over the place:
Nicaragua, Venezuela, etc.; that Iran in general and Ahmadinejad/Political
Islam in particular is some sort of progressive 'thing'. Further, your
comparisons to Venezuela and other left-lead revolutions are on good in showing
who *genuine* revolutions compare to the phoney "progressiveness" of the Islamic
Revolution in Iran. I did not make a comparison of first to third world
'standards of living', you did. You raised it as a straw-man, not as a point of
serious discussion since I'm not make such a comparison myself. The only
comparisons there are the *ability* of women to fight for their rights against
reactionary regimes, like the Iranian one or the US one.

By labor laws and labor codes I meant the rights won, again, by the union
movement in developed AND underdeveloped countries for the right of workers to
organize as compared to: Iran. You have to characterize the gov't in light of
it's own actions, on any question, and regardless of the country, IMO. I noted
you make light of the statement by the International Marxist Tendency (the
marxist.com folks) for arguing, correctly NOT that the IMT are better allies of
the Venezuelan revolution (something you falsly ascribe to them) but rather that
the Iranian *working class* are better allies than the reactionary Iranian
regime that *shoots down workers in the steets and breaks unions*. In this the
very nuanced and unsectarian statement by the IMT is very well stated and spot
on. You disagree...clearly and openly stating that the Iranian gov't are better
allies. So...we have a difference yes?

David Walters

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