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Sat Jul 22 09:50:09 MDT 2006

--- Javier A <javierunderground at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Its seems that Solidarity has a big presence on Marxmail.

Not "big," just "substantial," IMO. ;) Marxmail's aim of a
multi-tendency movement is very much in line with Soli's view...No big
shock there'd be Soli people here.

> What Im 
> curious is what does Soli do in general? I never run into them 
> anywhere. Ive met a couple of members who do union stuff, but it
> seems  really low key stuff like distribution of Labor Notes and
> trying to  materialize their "democracy cacuses" in their locals.

Well, as far as labor goes, we have a lot of people who work in reform
caucuses. It's a little bit more than trying to "materialize" them, in
several cases reform caucus-supported slates have won important local

> Which is fine  but outside of this, where are they what do they do?
> Everybody knows  what ISo does and how they operate. But most groups
> at least have  public forums about political issues, does Soli ever
> do this?

Occasionally. Not often enough, IMO.

> I havent  seen this anywhere in California. I dont mean this
> as attack, but  sincere curiosity. I would like to talk to some
> members about their  perspective of the labor movement and I know Kim
> Moody's book is  supposed to be excellent, but it seems like their
> the ghosts of the  left, present but really not. 

I can't speak for California, where we have two branches (LA & Bay

In Atlanta, we have people very much involved in union work, organizing
at some local hotels, Palestine solidarity work (particularly yours
truly), anti-war work, the Greens, the immigrant rights movement, all
sorts of stuff. I believe we are currently the largest organized Left
tendency in Atlanta.

Yeah, we're not as high-profile as the ISO. We don't have nearly as
many people, we don't hawk newspapers, and we rarely have lit tables.
That doesn't mean we're not out there.


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