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Sat Jul 22 10:25:45 MDT 2006

Carrol, first, thanks for pointing this out. Probably no one responded because
1. the subject heading was sort of boring and 2. it's totally NOT obvious that
this had anything to do with Iran. So, there is your answer why no one
responded to her 'resolutionary socialism' post.

I also note that you also didn't' respond either, even though you seem quite
free to criticize others for not responding. You didn't address the substance
of Yoshi's comment, instead, you use the opportunity to put forth your very
typical "Don't criticize Evo" forte of gushy liberalism that is the akin to my
family often used comment on fellow Jews who get into trouble "Don't criticize
him, he's Jewish for Gods sake!". Really, Carrol, it is not that you don't want
criticism of anyone (perhaps except Bush?) but rather you don't want any
*discussion* at all. It is amazing you post anything on Bolivia, or anywhere,
on *anything* because someone on the left may come under some sort of analysis
(Oy! Heaven forbid!) or criticism...and we can't have that now, can we?

What I like about Yoshi is that she stands up for what she believes in and
criticizes those that she thinks are fucked up. Now, her rather
poor-of-substance-post about her (and, by extension *everyone else who lives
outside Iran*) inability to influence Iranians, using the Cliffite tendency as
a foil (the ironies of her choice should be obvious to anyone who knows about
this tendency's controversial relationship with the "Islamic Community" in the
UK) as a way to bash anyone who writes about Iran because no one in Iran is
going to read or care about what they say, was probably a hiccup of uncertainty
on her part about this whole thread. It has become somewhat centrifugal.

Fortunately for her, and for the rest of us, she immediately started doing just
the opposite of what she was prescribing and continued to write about Iran in
response to me and others, even though, as she correctly points out, her
comments (or anyone else's here) will have little direct or immediate impact on
the situation of women, or anyone else, in Iran. Yoshi makes me think by asking
the tough questions and providing tough responses, even when I don't agree with
her. That's because she likes to *discuss* things. You could learn from her.


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