[Marxism] From the front line: California Energy Crisis AGAIN!!??

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Sat Jul 22 16:32:00 MDT 2006

2001 again???? I have a few minutes free so here goes...

As I sit in the Control Room of Potrero Power Plant in San Francisco,
temperatures are approaching 100 degrees F. in San Francisco today, and the
entire state of California near or above that temperature, prices for
supplementary power [additional power above and beyond the forecasted power
bought at a lower price the previous day or under yearly contractual prices]
hit at least $400 a megawatt hour. This is approx 10 times the normal $30 to
$50 megawatt hour charged to power distributors in California for the past few
years. We are running flat out, our main unit at full blast and our 3 gas
turbines on-line as well. We're VERY busy keeping these suckers online and
people are running around trying to control temperatures on various motors and
bearings that have not had to deal with this sort of ambient air temperature in
a long, long time.

It harkens back to the bad ol' days of the 2001 Energy Crisis. The California
Independent System Operator declared a Stage One Emergency with probability of
black outs throughout the State.

This shows that even with the 'end of deregulation' that capitalism cannot
provide cheap energy or enough of it.

David Walters

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