[Marxism] Re: The British SWP and the Internet

Tony Hartin t.hartin1 at physics.ox.ac.uk
Sat Jul 22 17:51:55 MDT 2006

Use http://www.socialistreviewindex.org.uk/search.htm 
Seems to work ok. The website could do with a bit of updating

I relate the following story because I dont bear any ill will - and actually find it funny these days. In the faction fight in the Australian ISO that lead to Socialist Alternative one of the British heavies wrote a nasty commentary (in 1995) which included as evidence of the perfidy of the opposition that it had set up an "unofficial" emailing list. 

That was me in 91 when i saw a Dutch comrade on a mailing list and thought it would be cool to swap notes. The emailing list grew quite quickly and was an exciting novelty for us at the time. We also spent quite a bit of effort over a few years trying to get the British leadership to see the possibilities and make it "official". As the commentary of '95 noted - only white middle class people use the internet.

I always thought the internet was cool - so much that i blame it (not me of course) for adding about 10 years to my thesis. It was particularly cool when in the '91 coup attempt in the USSR and the '92 LA riots I found heaps of live commentary from people on the ground which opened the possibility of getting "real" news rather than relying on the big networks. 

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