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Charles-Antoine Bachand sacco at dedalus.freezee.org
Sat Jul 22 20:10:06 MDT 2006

yesterday I wrote in french, here's the english version...

To sign this letter that will be sent to Prime minister Harper and  
foreign minister MacKay, please do to http://www.ipetitions.com/ 

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Mr. Prime Minister Harper and Mr. the Foreign Minister MacKay,

You are certainly acutely aware of the fact that at the moment of  
writing the present, in July 2006, a humanitarian crisis of  
disastrous proportions is developing in a region which has  
historically endured numerous crimes of war. Since 13 July 2006,  
Southern Lebanon has been the daily target of violent attacks from  
the Israel Defence Forces. Hundreds of civilians have been killed and  
more than 500 000 Lebanese have been forced to abandon their homes.  
Unfortunately, many innocent people will continue to die every day,  
as this situation continues to be unresolved.

We are submitting this petition to proclaim that we believe that it  
is crucial that the massacre of innocent civilian Lebanese people,  
who have absolutely no involvement in the politics of this war, cease  
immediately. Children are dying every day because of a conflict which  
their parents have been unable to resolve. Notwithstanding any  
justification invoked from either party involved in the present  
hostilities, people are dying and will continue to do so as long as  
the Israeli attacks continue, and as long as emergency aid is not  
provided to residents of Southern Lebanon. In fact, we believe that  
beyond any motivation for the present conflict and rationalization  
for the senseless life-taking, it is imperative that the violence be  
stopped to allow the powers in place to resolve this conflict.  
Canada, as a humanitarian society and a member of the G8, has an  
obligation to intercede.

Many Canadians support Israel, many others, the Lebanese resistance.  
However, we believe that all Canadians wish this violence to end. To  
this end, we ask that beyond any support provided to either faction  
in this conflict, the Government of Canada require an immediate  
response from the international community in the form of  
international peace-keeping forces in Southern Lebanon. Regardless of  
the grounds for this conflict, the violence must stop!

  The Canadian government has the power and the moral authority to  
demand from the international community a plan of action looking  
beyond the present causes of conflict and aiming to end hostilities.  
The violence must be controlled by an international peace-keeping  
force before any short, medium or long-term solution between these  
courageous nations may be entertained.

In closing, sirs, we believe that the Canadian government must at  
once use its power with the international community to demand that  
action be taken to stop the violence in Southern Lebanon. If, in the  
tradition of Canadian humanitarian belief, this government wishes to  
spare as many lives as possible, you must calm the storm before  
assessing the already deplorable losses.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

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