[Marxism] Tens of thousands condemn Israels attack on Lebanon in Sydney

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Sat Jul 22 21:37:19 MDT 2006

A powerfully impressive demonstration os some 20,000 or more surged through 
the centre of Sydney yesterday ( Saturday 22/7/06) calling for an end to the 
attack on Lebanon and condemning the role played Bush and the United States in 
supporting the
the phony claim of the Zionists to be acting in self defence.

The majority of the demonstration was made up of members of the arabic and 
islamic communities in Sydney with political,religious and ethnic 
differentiations put aside and the many thousands coming together in a united voice of 
impressive outrage and determination.

Whilst they were a minority in the demonstration there were many leftists and 
others opposed to the slaughter in the Lebanon who joined together with the 
Arabic and Islamic communities to make it clear they completely rejected the 
endorsement of Israel by the Howard government and the main leaders of the Labor 

Before the demonstration there was a strong rally at the Town Hall Square in 
the centre of Sydney adressed by community leaders, Labor Party 
representatives and leading unionists.

The rally and demonstration were marked by the attendance of family groups, 
impressive restratint by the demonstrators many of whom had spent much of the 
week watching tv coverage of their homeland being blown apart with relatives 
and friends  slaughtered and all of this being blandly declared Israel's right 
of self-defence.

The whole rally and demonstration was impressively organised and marshalled 
so that attempted provocation completely failed.

What has also failed in the last weeks is the foul attempt to foster a 
so-called two state solution in the Middle East .This latest outrage carried out by 
the Zionist state at the behest of its US masters makes it clear that the only 
states that can exist beside Israel are those that are prepared to exist on 
bended knee.

Every bomb that falls on Lebanon and Palestine, every missile that falls on 
Lebanon and Palestine every innocent death brings thousands more to a grim 
determination to live on their feet.

We on the left who are still free to speak without being blown to pieces can, 
at the very least, reject the suck-up to imperialism two state lie.
Greg Adler

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