[Marxism] Re: Re: Absence of left at Ottawa

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sun Jul 23 02:04:46 MDT 2006

Brian and Yoshie, respectively, wrote:

>perhaps we, and I say this in the broadest  terms possible, are guilty
of thinking of African-Americans and Latinos as somehow connected with
us, but because of historical foreignness and the newness of these
immigrants, along with  reservations regarding a "foreign" religion, the
new immigrants remain strangers.<

>> because, hey, those observant Muslims are "culturally backward"
people who beat up their wives, unlike cute Christians in Latin America,
so they offend secular leftists who are for "religious freedom"!<<

The Lebanese are certainly not strangers in Australia, we have had a
large Lebanese population for several decades, there is a popular TV
show about them, the Premier of Victoria is Lebanese -- and by the way a
lot of Lebanese are Christians. I don't think the left here is
disconnected from Arabs more generally, either. It's a rare anti-war
demo that isn't addressed by a Muslim leader. And the fact that these
demos have been predominantly Arab/Muslim is surely a good thing.

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