[Marxism] Muslims and Secular Leftists Re: Resolutionary Socialism

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Sun Jul 23 07:04:34 MDT 2006

The British SWP that I was referring to in terms of the irony of choosing them
for your example is that they enjoy a very CLOSE relationship with the British
Muslim community. The controversy for others in the anti-war movement and the
British left is that they feel the Cliffites tail-end the Muslim community

Part of this controversy is the use of the term "Muslim community" when
previously they were "Black" as all Asian and Carribean descended British were
considered "Black" and/or "Asian"; that the political definition of 'Muslim'
plays into the divisive role fostered by the British gov't. Obviously the
bigger issues are the role of Muslims as a religion and how the left relates to

I'm the last person to know much about this, I just see the charges fly around
the internet now and again.


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