[Marxism] Resolutionary Socialism

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Sun Jul 23 07:17:37 MDT 2006

> I don't come from a school of thought that Western leftists can't
> criticize the leaders and even masses of people who live in countries
> the leaders of the West oppress, but Western leftists shouldn't
> pretend that they are better friends of the masses of the people in
> the non-West than the non-Western leaders they criticize, unless and
> until they take power and establish governments in their own countries
> capable of offering practical aid to them that is superior to anything
> provided by what Evo or Chavez or Ahmadinejad or Hamas or Hizbullah or
> the Nepali Maoists or whomever or whatever they choose to criticize.
> Always keep in mind that they in the non-West have never heard of you
> and most likely never will.  You are irrelevant to them.

Yoshie, who is one of this list's (or any list, I dare say) most valuable 
assets knows whereof she speaks.   But, are there exceptions to the above? 
What about Cambodia in the 1970's?  The Khmer Rouge?   What attitude do we 
take toward the impending (show) "trials" of the one or two remaining 
leaders of Democratic Kampuchea?   Should we applaud "human rights" when 
doing so transparently serves the interests of imperialism (even when it 
acts through local or national hirelings),  when it is nothing more than a 
device to excite popular indignation and hostility toward some variant of 

Louis G

Incidentally, on Cambodia 

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