[Marxism] Hezollah in Argentina?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 23 07:48:47 MDT 2006

Over at Harry's Place, there was a completely expected charge mounted 
against Hezbollah blowing up an Israeli cultural center in Buenos Aires. I 
was a bit more surprised to see this charge repeated on James Wolcott's 
blog this morning, even though it originated on the blog of Larry C. 
Johnson, the founder of "an international business-consulting firm that 
helps corporations and governments manage threats posed by terrorism and 
money laundering. Mr. Johnson works with US military commands in scripting 
terrorism exercises, briefs foreign governments on a regular basis on 
terrorist trends, and conducts undercover investigations on product 
counterfeiting and smuggling." Ahem. Johnson, warning against taking 
Hezbollah lightly, alleges:

"Hezbollah also organized the attacks on the Israeli Embassy in Argentina 
in 1992 and Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires in 1994.  But they also 
have exercised restraint when they felt they could achieve their objectives 
through political means. The ten year hiatus in major mass casualty attacks 
could come to a shattering end in the coming months, and American citizens 
are likely to pay some of that price with their own blood."

I found this all unlikely and using my nom de guerre Mercy Moskowitz posted 
this to Harry's Tomb:

Chicago Sun-Times, August 1, 1996
Argentine police charged in 1994 bombing of Jews

Raising anew the specter of anti-Semitism in Argentina's security forces, 
authorities on Wednesday charged three police officials and a former 
detective as accomplices in the terrorist bombing of a Jewish community 
center here in 1994.

A commander of the provincial police of Buenos Aires, two deputy commanders 
and a former detective were charged by Juan Jose Galeano, the judge who is 
overseeing the prosecution of the case, with providing the van that was 
used in the bombing -- the deadliest anti-Semitic attack outside Israel 
since World War II.

After more than two years of investigation, these were the first suspects 
to be formally charged.

The explosion on July 18, 1994, destroyed the headquarters of the 
Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association, a social agency in the heart of the 
Jewish community, killing 86 people. Authorities believe that a suicide 
bomber also died in the blast, which Argentine and foreign law enforcement 
agencies blamed on Iranian spies and the radical Islamic group Hezbollah.

But the indictment filed Wednesday advances a theory that Jewish leaders 
and other critics say explains the slow pace of the investigation: 
High-ranking police officials participated in the crime and a subsequent 

Although Argentina has one of the world's largest Jewish populations, 
estimated at 250,000, many fugitive Nazis found refuge here. Decades of 
intermittent military dictatorships with fascist and neo-Nazi leanings have 
generated institutional anti-Semitism.

Despite Wednesday's filing of charges, some Jewish leaders remained 
cautious about seeing real progress in the case. Galeano has rounded up 
suspects before on unrelated charges in the unfulfilled hope of a breakthrough.

The four indicted Wednesday are Juan Jose Ribelli, a commander; deputy 
commanders Irineo Leal and Raul Ibarra; and Mario Barreiro, a former 
inspector who was fired for corruption. They have either proclaimed their 
innocence in interviews or refused to talk.

The suspects allegedly belonged to a ring of more than a dozen high- and 
mid-ranking investigators who were arrested en masse two weeks ago, said 
federal prosecutor Jose Barbaccia. Prosecutors say the officials 
alternately protected and extorted money from a network of "chop shops," 
businesses that cut up stolen vehicles for greater profit. The shops were 
run by Carlos Alberto Telledin, a reputed petty gangster, now in jail.


Which prompted some rightwinger to retort that the charges were eventually 
dropped against the cops.

In the lack of a final verdict, the Zionists continue to blame Hezbollah 
which seems implausible to me. I wonder if Nestor has any insights into 
this matter.

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