[Marxism] Tom Segev about the 60th anniversary of the King David terror attack

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Sun Jul 23 13:14:39 MDT 2006

 From Haaretz:

The spirit of the King David Hotel

By Tom Segev

The terror attack on the King David Hotel in Jerusalem was in its day the  
equivalent of the Twin Towers; yesterday was its 60th anniversary.
n the 60 years since the attack at the King David Hotel, Israel has hurt  
some two million civilians, including 750,000 who lost their homes in  
1948, another quarter million Palestinians who were forced to leave the  
West Bank in the Six-Day War and hundreds of thousands of Egyptian  
civilians who were expelled from the cities along the Suez Canal during  
the War of Attrition. And now tens of thousands of Lebanese villagers are  
being forced to abandon their homes, and air force pilots are once again  
bombing Beirut and other cities. Hundreds of civilians have been killed.  
Regrettably. It's all in the spirit of the King David Hotel. One can  
always say there was a mishap.

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