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Sun Jul 23 17:52:42 MDT 2006

A serious breakdown of the unity of the ruling class is one of the preconditions for the masses of oppressed and exploited human beings in this country to really take, to coin a phrase, center stage for a prolonged period. We aren't there yet, and tactics alone can't get us  there.

>Fred Feldman

I broadly agree with this but what produces the split in the ruling class? It is of course a complicated dialectic with both elements feeding off the other.  My own feeling is that the rulingclass has decided that it must grit its teeth for another effort.  We are at the crash thru stage once more.  Three weeks of shock and awe in Lebanon will see us through.  That is what the top Brass in Israel and USA believe.  Just a mere three weeks of slaughter.  Who of the ruling class would say no to that, I ask you.

Condi will then stride into the graveyard and call it peace. But it is not only the schemes of mice and peasants that gang aft agley. The material reality is that the USA Army is overstretched. The IDF too is not that comfortable either.  A few cracks are beginning to appear. As can be seen from this article on located at <>

The following sentences seem to me to be particularly interesting:

"The diplomatic flurry around the Lebanon crisis is lightly tinged with Washington’s disappointment with Israel’s military performance and overshadowed by Syrian threats. 

"A really quick, crushing victory over the Hizballah could be achieved by the landing of American forces in northern Lebanon – at the invitation of the Beirut government. Nasrallah’s forces could then be strangled between US forces and the Israeli army coming up from the south. 

But this is not on the cards for the simple reason that America is willing to fight in Lebanon to the last Israeli soldier, just as Iran is ready to fight to the last Hizballah combatant. Israel must beware of being hustled into taking imprudent steps by the proxy contest between the Washington and Tehran. "



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