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Sun Jul 23 22:09:34 MDT 2006

Hi Jon

Things are certainly very tense at the moment.   

As'ad Abu Khalil over on has been running a caampaign against what he terms "Arab bombast" and "triumphalism". Certainly I have noticed a tendency to hyperbole in Arab rhetoric - makes then sound at times very like the Irish!

As'ad argues that we must not exaggerate Arab success nor minimise the damage the IDF has done in any way.  I agree with that.  Yet the bombing of Lebanon was hailed as a "stunning success" in Murdoch's Australian on the 19th July. Five days later though they are still struggling to control the tiny village of Maroun er Ras and on Saturday the number of Hizbullah rockets fired was a record.  So it seems like the bombast is now the property of the Israeli & American side.

If the Israeli ground offensive is halted or fails to emerge then significant harm will have been done to the Imperialist cause. Yet I don't think Israel can sustain a protracted campaign.  In that case the imperialists would attempt to play the European card, that is putting in European troops to hide the Israeli setback.

Asalways we shall see.



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