[Marxism] Muslims and Secular Leftists Re: Resolutionary Socialism

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Mon Jul 24 00:27:14 MDT 2006

Yoshie wrote:

>As for "the Cliffite tendency's" "controversial relationship with the
>'Islamic Community' in the UK," I know nothing about it.

I'm surprised no one has apprised you of it.  We work with Islamists like 
the Muslim Association of Britain in the Stop the War Coalition and a number 
of its leading figures left the association to stand for Respect.  That 
makes us bad.

>Today, Bush, Blair, etc. haven't gotten so far as to put Muslims
>in concentration camps and they never will, but leftists generally
>don't bother to get to know Muslims in their own local communities,
>and those who do so in a politically visible form tend to raise

Yeah, no concentration camps - but Belmarsh, torture flights, detention 
without trial, Guantanamo etc etc.  Blair is desperately trying to split the 
antiwar movement by targeting Muslims and his government is rather pissed 
off with the appointed 'moderates' for refusing to go into the 'community' 
and say proselytise for New Labour and its imperialist axis with Bush.

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