[Marxism] Ward Churchill case

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Mon Jul 24 16:00:32 MDT 2006

Mark Lause :

Clearly, if someone regards writings by Marx as holy writ, they are only
nominally Marxists.  You've repeatedly expressed your preference for what he
or Engels may have written as opposed to what actually happened.

CB: Now we have it ! This is your sneaky way of claiming in an argument
between us that what you are saying actually happened did, and what I said
happened didn't. However, you didn't win the argument with me as to what
actually happened, so, your statements are just self-serving.


On the other hand, you say that I don't belong on a Marxist list because I
mock the idea that the writings of Marx may be treated as holy writ...

CB: I didn't say you don't belong on the list. I said don't bring that
anti-Communist claptrap to a Marxism list.


underscores your position that a Marxist should regard them as holy writ.

CB; I don't have a position that they should be treated as holy writ. This
just repeats your slander.


Not only have you confused me but you seem to have confused yourself.


CB: Don't declare yourself the winner of the argument by misrepresenting
that I treat Marx's, et al. writing like holy texts.

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