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Variant, issue 26, Summer 2006
...the free, independent, arts magazine. In-depth coverage
in the context of broader social, political & cultural issues.

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* Front cover : ScotVEC Module
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/CoverVariant26.pdf


* Ker-Plunk!
Daniel Jewesbury
Belfast city centre has miraculously moved, whilst Ormeau Baths Gallery has 
stubbornly remained stationary; it was discovered by Arts Council of 
Northern Ireland consultants that it is therefore no longer conveniently 
located. Coincidentally, the new city centre is on land owned by private 
developers and speculators...
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/OrmeuaB26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/OrmeuaB26.pdf

* Irish Connections: Immigration and the politics of belonging
Bryan Fanning
"Claims of mutual solidarity between different post-colonial societies with 
a history of oppression play well as ideological politics but when tested - 
say, by the presence of migrants - reveal the racism and discrimination of 
one's own society."
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/BFanning26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/BFanning26.pdf

* Nobody has to be vile
Slavoj Zizek
"Liberal communists are top executives reviving the spirit of contest or, 
to put it the other way round, countercultural geeks who have taken over 
big corporations. Their dogma is a new, postmodernised version of Adam 
Smith's invisible hand: the market and social responsibility are not 
opposites, but can be reunited for mutual benefit. As Friedman puts it, 
nobody has to be vile in order to do business these days..."
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/SZizek26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/SZizek26.pdf

London Review of Books http://www.lrb.co.uk

* "The Scottish Executive is open for business"
Chik Collins
Focusing attention on the neo-liberal agenda for a step change in opening 
up Scotland's communities to private sector penetration, Collins lays bare 
the 'fit' between the Scottish Executive's latest regeneration statement 
and the economic perspective laid out by the Royal Bank. "An agenda that 
can do immense damage across Scotland - but with particularly unsavoury 
implications for the poorest communities in the shorter term."
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/CCollins26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/CCollins26.pdf

illustrations by Peter Kuper - http://www.peterkuper.com

* Turning Things Around
Peter Suchin
Considered review of four pamphlets published in connection with the South 
London Radical History Group -- Down with the Fences!: Battles for the 
Commons in South London; Nine Days in May: The General Strike in Southwark; 
Poor Man's Heaven - The Land of Cokaygne: A 14th Century Utopian Vision; 
Reds on the Green: A Short Tour of Clerkenwell Radicalism.
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/PSuchin26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/PSuchin26.pdf

* Comic & Zine Reviews
Mark Pawson
The pick of an armful of publications from London Zine Symposium and 
Reading Frenzy @ Horse Hospital, including: Gum, Nervous System, Babylon By 
Bike, Paul's No Good Comics, Savage Messiah, Beat Motel, Xtra Tuf, Stolen 
Sharpie Revolution, DIY in PDX, Beyer's Beasts.
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/ComicZine26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/ComicZine26.pdf


* Social Capital and Neo-Liberal Voluntarism
Alex Law and Gerry Mooney
Law & Mooney argue that, notwithstanding the near hegemonic use of the 
neologism, in its very vacuity lies the widespread ideological appeal of 
social capital. In providing a highly circumscribed way to think and act in 
terms of social and political mobilisation, its dominance has had, and is 
having, worldwide repercussions.
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/LawMooney26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/LawMooney26.pdf

Critique journal : www.tandf.co.uk/journals/titles/03017605.asp

* Prison Radio versus Panopticism
Tom Allan
Having been a volunteer on Wandsworth prison radio station project, a 
thoughtful reflection on its role in seeking to develop prisoners' personal 
& technical skills to project their points of view through the media, and 
to strengthen the positive bonds connecting them to society.
Photography by Miguel Ciriza
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/TAllan26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/TAllan26.pdf

* The Internet and Democracy: Beyond the Techno-libertarian Rhetoric
Ann McCluskey
"If engaging with a computer enables 'liberation' and by extension, 
democratic good health, then no-one and nothing else need struggle to 
maintain a polity. ... But beyond the rhetoric of freedom, and in light of 
its commercial as well as social applications, what are the real 
possibilities for Internet technology in a democratic realm?"
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/AMcCluskey26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/AMcCluskey26.pdf

accompanying artwork by alhena katsof: and_
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/alhena&whitegrey.pdf

* Showing Rage and Resistance: Bristle
Jamie Dockery
A sharp look at the publication 'Bristle' : political street images & 
actions produced in Bristol.
text    http://www.variant.org.uk/26texts/bristle26.html
pdf    http://www.variant.org.uk/pdfs/issue26/bristle26.pdf

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