[Marxism] Ward Churchill case

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Mon Jul 24 19:43:21 MDT 2006

There is something very queer about Mark's arguments (aside from his silly 
remark that I am not familiar with the building trades in "cities like 
Chicago"; I'm making some inquiries to ascertain if such locales differ 
significantly from the situation obtaining throughout the rest of the 
country).  On the one hand, he defends tenure; on the other he complains of 
having been denied a permanent place in academia up til now, presumably by 
tenured senior faculty opposed to his politics.   He points to his 
publishing record and years of teaching as qualifications for winning a 
tenure track position.   But, if there were no tenure, wouldn't people who 
*didn't* publish or otherwise distinguish themselves be denied the 
opportunity to refuse work to the more deserving?   And what about his 
remark concerning the length of apprenticeship?  Most programs in the trades 
require 4 or 5 years (of steady work) to achieve journeyman status, and then 
a number of years of additional training to be granted the designation 
"master" or whatever.   I've seen lots of second-year graduate students 
teaching and, in any event, aren't most Ph.D programs in the humanities 
about 4 or 5 years (I'm not talking about people who make a career out of 
going to graduate school, just the average student who's usually out 
teaching in some capacity after 2 or 3 years).   Strange.

Louis G

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> Mr. Godena is evidently unfamiliar with the building trades in cities like
> Chicago.  I'm not advocating that the existing authorities clean up abuses
> there or anywhere.  They are incompetent to exercise any fairness
> whatsoever.
> Professors are older because it takes a lot longer than an apprenticeship 
> to
> a craft.

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