[Marxism] Revolutionary Guards and the Iran-Iraq War (was Socialist Men, Muslims, and the "Woman Question")

Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 00:40:33 MDT 2006

Now, back to Iran:

On 7/24/06, Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> wrote:
> Right now I am burrowing through 25 year old articles on Iran from
> proquest/NY Times using the keyword "revolutionary guards" as some kind of
> check on my memory of those days. Article after article comes up on what
> amounts to *fascist* attacks on Marxists. This stuff is a bit of a chore to
> transcribe it without a scanner (it is not in text format and I am
> obviously at work) but here's a snippet from "Khomeini's Backers Raid
> Headquarters of Iranian Leftists" from August, 1979:

You have no hard evidence that Ahmadinejad during his Revolutionary
Guards days were attacking leftists.  He wasn't even a member in 1979.
 "Ahmadinejad joined the Revolutionary Guards in 1980 and served in
the Iran-Iraq war" (at
<http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/meast/06/30/iran.president/>); "After
training at the headquarters, he saw action in extraterritorial covert
operations against Kirkuk, Iraq" (at
 Serving in the Iran-Iraq War is a perfectly legitimate thing to do.

> Yoshie would not really answer the article written by Ardeshir Mehrdad that
> was posted to the list the other day because the author had signed Joanne
> Landy's petition. When I first came across the open letter to MRZine, the
> first thing I did was check how many had signed Landy's petition. It was
> fewer than 4 as I recall.
> One of the signers of the open letter, who did not sign Landy's petition,
> was one Dr Morteza Mohit. I just learned that this is the same man I knew
> from Monthly Review brown bag luncheons of yore. He is a long time
> supporter of Monthly Review and an occasional contributor to the magazine:
> http://www.monthlyreview.org/mar2001.htm In that issue, there's also an
> article by titled Saeed Rahnema and Haideh Moghissi titled "Clerical
> Oligarchy and the Question of 'Democracy'" that begins:

Seriously, Lou, I know all about it, for I published the Open Letter myself:

I've talked with Mohit, and his disagreement is not with me but with Ross.

In any case, though, unlike you, I don't fear anyone disagreeing with
me.  I welcome readers to do so.  A journal that generates no
controversy is a boring journal.

MR and MRZine have never been short on controversy.  You of course
have no idea, but we get all sorts of complaints, objections, etc. --
including from MR and/or MRZine contributors -- about both MR and
MRZine articles.  The most hotly debated one in recent times is this
criticism of SEIU 1199 (Ohio, West Virginia, & Kentucky):
<http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/funk020706.html>.  It got 87
comments, at least half of which are merciless attacks on the young
activist who wrote it.  Not content with the commenting system, two
SEIU organizers contacted us, to ask me to TAKE DOWN the article.  I
said no, and I offered them both a chance to publish a reply: one
refused to take it, and the other said he might but he has not done so
yet.  Compared to that, the Iran controversy is nothing.

I'm sure folks who run the MSM get an incomparably larger flood of
complaints from all directions.  No wonder they get timid about taking
any controversial position and go with the dominant ideology.
Relative to what they have to deal with, what we get is a storm in a

> the anti-Communist Ahmadeinejad.

The Iranian Revolution began opposing both Moscow and Washington.
Nowadays, the allegedly anti-Communist Ahmadinejad is happy standing
side by side with Fidel and Chavez:
Baby, you've come a long way!


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