[Marxism] realities of academic labor vs. G's fantasies

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Tue Jul 25 07:28:29 MDT 2006

Well, Mark doesn't present much of an argument here, other than he worked 
all day yesterday.  Big deal.   My recollections of Harvard, Yale, and other 
places do not include those of overworked professors.   But, this was a 
number of years ago, and maybe the situation has changed.   Everyone 
everywhere bitches about how hard they work.  The fact remains that the 
academy has become a sclerotic, unresponsive overfed monster that needs to 
be cut down to size.  Junking the idea of a lifetime sinecure for *anyone* 
is always progressive to my mind, though it may offend liberal (though not 
Marxist) sensibilities.

Anyway, enough said.

Louis G

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> Of course, if I had worked in industry, I'd share Mr. Godena's expertise 
> on
> both industry and academe.  I labor under the disadvantage of having done
> both.  Blue collar work is physically very hard and demanding, and when
> you're done for the day, you're done.  What I do now is not at all so
> physically demanding, but today, I got to work at 7 am on a documentary
> collection on Greenbackism (4 hours), read some secondary sources (1 1/2
> hours), researched on a future publication (2 hours), and worked over 
> drafts
> of several articles (4 hours...actually about 4 1/2 counting periodic 
> breaks
> for email).

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