[Marxism] My Country, My Country

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Jul 25 12:01:20 MDT 2006

“My Country, My Country” makes an interesting companion piece to the 
documentary “Blood of My Brother” that I reviewed recently. The first 
focuses on a Sunni family in today’s Iraq, while the latter focuses on a 
Shi’ite family. In keeping with the fragmented nature of politics in Iraq 
today, neither family–with one notable exception discussed below–has any 
contacts with fellow Muslims across the divide.

Working completely on her own in Iraq (a courageous act for an artist, 
leaving aside the merits of her film) for 8 months, Laurie Poitras focused 
on the family of Riyadh N. al-Adhadh, who is a physician in a free medical 
clinic in Adhamiya, a Sunni neighborhood in Baghdad. He is also a father of 
six and a candidate in the January 2005 elections. Poitras also spends some 
time with a group of Australian mercenaries hired to defend the voting 
against insurgent attacks, as well as with Kurds who end up supplying the 
Australians with AK-47’s.

It is difficult to imagine a more representative figure than Dr. Riyadh. A 
bitter opponent of U.S. occupation who Poitras first encountered on a 
fact-finding expedition to Abu Ghraib, he only decides to run–despite a 
Sunni boycott–because he considers his bid as a form of nonviolent 
resistance. As he chats with potential voters, he stresses that they should 
vote for him because they know him from the neighborhood. One gets the 
strong sense that even in this urban setting that tribal loyalties would 
remain strong.

full: http://louisproyect.wordpress.com/2006/07/25/my-country-my-country/



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