[Marxism] "My own comrades"

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Tue Jul 25 13:28:21 MDT 2006

Am Tue, 25 Jul 2006 20:18:57 +0200 schrieb Nestor Gorojovsky  
<nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar>:

> Johannes Schn.:
>> I give a damn about the internal fights among Muslims (or any other
>> religious group), what I care about is when my own comrades are
>> tortured and murdered by thugs.
> What's this?  It looks like there exists some outlandish comradeship
> between a perfect brethren of impollute revolutionaries, and the rest
> of the world.

No Nestor, it did not mean it 'outlandish', but in a very literal sense.  
The first Marxists and revolutionaries, I met came from Iran and took part  
in the revolution in 1979. When Ahmadinejad and his friends took over  
theay had to flee Iran not to be killed.

I learned a lot from them, not only about Iran. We worked together very  
closely. SO nothing outlandish here, but something very personal.

While I am for defending Iran against imperialist attacks, I do not have  
any illusions into the character of the ruling clique. They are no  
leftists, but their ideas how society should be organised is adverse to  
any idea of human emancipation.

> Unfortunately, there often are better (and more "Marxists", in a deep
> sense) revolutionaries among Muslims (or among Catholics in
> L.America) than among self-shoulder-patting members of the brethren
> Johannes is thinking about.

This is not the question here.

We are talking about the leading politicians of Iran. Those who are in  
power today were it during the Iran-Contra deal as well. Dont you think  
Oliver North did not have an Iranian counterpart?

I am well aware that there are different currents among "political Islam".  
Like in the US there are Republicans and Democrats. Here in Germany we  
have Greens, Liberals, Conservative Chistian Democrats, Liberal Christian  
Democrats and Social Christain Democrats. I note their differences and  
study them to fight them better, but I do not really care about how they  
are different, since they are all defenders of the capitalist order.


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