[Marxism] More on the war

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Tue Jul 25 17:08:53 MDT 2006

Working out what is actually happening behind the scenes is extremely difficult from this distance.  But following the links Lou posted it does seem that we are at  a very crucial stage.  It now seems that Israel and the US expected a total collapse of Hizbullah and the emergence of a much strengthened Druze-Sunni- Christian govt in Lebanon.

So anything less than a total collpase of Hizbullah is a problem for Israel & the USA and their allies.  I clippled the below quote from demka.com.  It is to my mind absolutely accurate about Saudi Arabiam, Egypt and Jordan.

From Debka.com:

"Privately, the pro-Western rulers in Riyadh, Cairo and Amman were cheering Israel’s offensive in the hope of its crippling the extremist Shiite Hizballah and dealing Tehran its comeuppance."

The pro-American Arab rulers are of course shifting their position with impressivie swiftness:  Again this from debka.com:

"But Peretz’s statement gave Arab rulers the pretext for ignoring the fact that Israel was defending itself against attack and reviving their age-old accusations of Israeli ambitions to seize Arab lands with American support. 

It was rumored in Cairo that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak plans to visit Syrian president Bashar Asad in Damascus this week to discuss the Lebanese crisis."

All this because not only have Hizballah not collapsed they continue to inflict blows on the IDF. This raises the fear of the very possibility of a defeat for the IDF.

What will happen next is as I have said hard to predict.  Of course the IDF will conintue to bomb buthat option is looking even more and more politically counter productive.  They have no stomach for a full invasion and the "sanitised" buffer zone
makes no sense in military or political terms.

But there is a ground shift throughout the Arab world. Pride and confidence is being restored by the Sunni resistance and now by Hizullah. If that rise in morale of the Arab street is translated into the downfall of a pro-American regime then a full scale disaster for American Imperialism is on the cards.




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