[Marxism] realities of academic labor vs. G's fantasies

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Jul 25 20:52:50 MDT 2006

Ian Pace wrote:
> Well, from that point of view, one could ask what purpose Marxmail serves at
> all, then? I thought part of the whole business of dialectics is that we
> debate opposing perspectives on things?

Debate, yes. But debate separated from practice, as it necessarily is on
e-lists, can never reach a collective decision. E-list debates are by
nature endless loops, and can only be ended by, simply, ending, leaving
all questions up in the air. So Lou as moderator is correct in stepping
in to bring a given thread or collection of threads to an arbitrary
stopping point. Issues debated can always be brought up again a month or
a year later.

It is worth pondering what purposes e-lists serve.


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