[Marxism] Re: realities of academic labor vs. G's fantasies

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Jul 26 08:01:49 MDT 2006

Mark Lause wrote:
> Speaking only for myself, while it's clear that repetition is pointless, I
> have no way of telling what portion of the lists would or wouldn't benefit
> from a discussion of any given subject.  
<Last comment from me>


i agree with your post, if only to underline the value of moderation on
an elist. i have no problem with Louis G being here and speaking, and
others debating *once*. per Carrol, endless loops are bound to develop,
and a little -- what??? -- discipline?, focusing???, can keep the list
manageable for these kinds of things.

also, i know Lou Pr's feeling about the list: he would very much like to
see more developed discussions whenever possible. at this point, i
wouldn't mind see some more detailed examination of the state of
academic workers. if Louis G and others think academia is some kind of
reservoir of deadwood because we're all lazy, well, maybe this indicates
an area where the rest of us need to do better educating out on the
street. (not endless educating of Louis G).

</and this is my *last* on the topic.>


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