[Marxism] Answer attacks UFPJ

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Wed Jul 26 13:43:45 MDT 2006


Yes. It's not a question of materialism, it's a question of definition.
Your definition is incorrect--you keep trying to justify it, but it
*remains* incorrect.

CB: My definition is incorrect by what standard ? By the standards of
Marxism and materialism ? What standard are you using to decide what the
correct definition of "sect" is?

I'm using Marxist and materialist standards for my definition of sectarian.
Also, I believe the conventional definition of "sect" and "sectarian" relate
to size , surely. Lets see. Note the definition below uses relative size in
part.  Sect vs Denomination are differentiated by size not functioning.

Definitions of sect on the Web:

a subdivision of a larger religious group 
faction: a dissenting clique 

A sect is a small religious group that has branched off of a larger
established religion. Sects have many beliefs and practices in common with
the religion that they have broken off from, but are differentiated by a
number of doctrinal differences. In contrast, a denomination is a large,
well established religious group. 

Sect was a Vancouver, Canada industrial trance band, comprising Mike
Victory, Jason McEvoy and Bruce Young, who released an album on Third Mind
Records in 1994 (engineered by Frontline Assembly's Chris Petersen) and were
represented on a handful of Dossier compilations from 1993-1995. 

Comes from the greek word hairesis, meaning division. In this case the
division is into two: day and night. The planets of the daytime division
(sect) are the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn, and the planets of the nocturnal
sect are the Moon, Venus and Mars. Mercury is of neither sect and is a go
between for both.

A body of persons distinguished by peculiarities of faith and practice from
other bodies adhering to the same general system

A group sharing a common belief that has broken off from a larger group.

Sectarianism is measured by functioning, not by numbers. You can keep
insisting otherwise if you like, but that would be akin to insisting
that the Cubans aren't socialists because Fidel has a beard.


CB:  For you. That's sort of your personal definition.  "Sect" as used in
the conventional definition relates more to size than to functioning ?
"Sect" is related to "section". 

Anyway, what more specifically with respect to "functioning" ? What about
the function makes it sectarian or not sectarian ? Having the correct
political position in what is said ? Being friendly to everybody, even those
who disagree with you ?  

Insisting that sectarianism has more to do with numbers than with
generalized functioning is more like insisting that Cuba has socialism
because it has Fidel Castro.

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