[Marxism] Israel declares war on the U.N.

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Jul 26 17:35:54 MDT 2006

This incident actually is in many ways a paradigm case.  Kofi Anan has been 'outraged' but as As'ad Abu Khalil has predicted over at angryarab.blogspot.com, he will in all probability back down.

At debka.com there was idignation over the charge that the bombing of the UN post was deliberate and then in the same report this:

"DEBKAfile adds: The holier-than-thou tone of outrage taken by Annan is surprising when it generally known that many UN missions are exploited as the cover for foreign agents, often hostile, to carry out spying operations in war zones. The inadvertent Israeli air strike revealed the fact that the UN force in Lebanon includes Chinese observers. One was killed along with an Austrian, a Canadian and a Finn. The presence of Chinese observers keeping an eye on the combat in South Lebanon has never before been reported. 

Our intelligence experts compare the incident to the inadvertent US bombardment which wrecked the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1998 (picture), killing a number of Chinese “diplomats.” It was discovered that from that building the Chinese had operated sophisticated surveillance to track the performance of American warplanes, missiles and smart bombs. 

The Khaim observer post was located near Hizballah positions and training facilities in the eastern sector, where the IDF has launched the next stage of its campaign against Hizballah in southern Lebanon." [finish of Deka.com file] 

So this propaganda effort from the Israeli side says "Hey it was an accident"; and "Hey did you know one of the guys we killed was Chinese? And you know what the Chinese are like!".

Meanwhile the Arabs are reading on Al Jazeera that the Irish Foreign Ministry reported that an Irish Army Officer with the UN had repeatedly asked the Israeli army to stop shelling near the UN base. Of course that will not be reported in the Murdoch Press but the Arab world will know the truth of the incident even if Kofi backs down yet again.  Moreover other countries who support the UN will be angered about the atrocity.  

As for the Chinese I do wonder sometimes what they think.  They are I know wedded to the long term view of things, but this bloody minded push by Bush etc to bring about a "New Middle East" must have them wondering about the US' intentions towards them.



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