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Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 19:43:17 MDT 2006

On 7/25/06, Lou Paulsen <loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Finally a note to Y.K.: I am with you on just about every point
> except the "Attack Saudi Arabia" part.  While it might be true that
> "Attacking Saudi Arabia puts the US government on defense",
> I kind of think that attacking the US government puts the US
> government even more on defense, and even though
> you want to attack Saudi Arabia for its collaboration with the US,
> some people are going to think you are attacking them for being
> Arabs and Muslims.  Furthermore it's not quite so simple because
> the neocons themselves are not very happy with Saudi Arabia
> these days, as I read it; tomorrow or the day after they might pull
> some kind of coup in Saudi Arabia in the name of "liberalization"
> and "reform", and you'd have to move fast to get back on
> the right side if you were already "attacking Saudi Arabia".

Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States have no right to exist.  Israel
exists primarily as a red herring, to distract the Arabs from the
empire's greatest spoils.  If there is one admirable act that Saddam
Hussein has ever done (aside from prevention of terrorism and
protection of women's rights), it has to be his invasion of Kuwait,
though, Hussein, apparently dumb, wasn't prepared for the empire's

Almost* any way the Gulf States get destabilized, especially now,
gives advantage to those whom we want to give advantage.  My preferred
path would be uprisings led by Shiites that include others.

Even if the neocons initiated change in the Gulf States, there would
no way it can go wrong for us (if not for them -- that's why they
would not):

If Washington presses for reforms in the Gulf States, that will
embolden the oppressed  there;
If Washington presses for tighter control and greater repression in
the Gulf States in the name of war on terror, that will provoke
resistance among the oppressed.

* I'd say "almost," because I don't want Osama bin Laden, et al. to
take the Gulf States.

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