[Marxism] National Immigrant Rights Strategy Convention

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 26 21:26:48 MDT 2006

Below is the call and some details on the national immigrant rights movement
conference being planned by the legalization-for-all wing of the movement,
i.e., the Left wing.

The initiating coalitions behind this are the Los Angeles March 25 Coalition
and the Chicago March 10 Movement, but it has the support of the grass roots
coalitions and community groups from Atlanta to the Pacific Northwest, that
I know of. There have been other, similar-sounding events projected or held;
however, this is the only one that has at its core the grass roots community
coalitions that sponsored the monster marches that rocked the country last

Among the prominent individuals actively promoting this event that might be
known to people on this list are Nativo Lopez, president of the
Mexican-American Political Association (MAPA) and Peter Camejo, Ralph
Nader's 2004 vide-presidential running mate.

Please note, although the conference proceedings are expected to be mainly
in Spanish, there will be interpretation to other languages, including
English, and all who agree with the 10 points of unity are welcome to

ALSO, the convention organizers are still looking for ENDORSEMENTS, from any
and every kind of group. 


*  *  *


My name is Doris Ramirez, I am the Chairperson for the Outreach
Committee at the March 10th Movement. The March 10th movement is a
committee of activists in Chicago that organized the historical March
10th and May 1st immigrant rights marches.   We will be hosting an
Immigrant Rights Strategy Convention this August and we are inviting
you to participate. Enclosed please find an invitation letter a flyer
and the registration form.  There is no cost to attend the convention.

If possible, please forward this invitation to all the people in your
personal contact list and ask them to forward it to all the people in
their contact list as well.

If you work with any organizations, unions, coalitions, committees,
etc.  Please ask the members to review our points of unity to see if
they are agreeable and ask them to endorse the convention and add their
name to the growing list. All are welcomed to get involved and
participate in the convention.

In Solidarity,

Doris Ramirez
Outreach Committee Chair
March 10th Movement
(877) 7 MARCHA Ext. #6
doris.ramirez at movimiento10demarzo.org


Brothers and Sisters:
Local and Regional Coalition Leaders:
Pro-Immigrant Rights Organizations and Activists:

We have reached an important phase in the movement to protect and
advance the rights of all immigrants in the United States.  Perhaps we
are not mobilizing millions of people into the streets at the moment,
but the urgency of building a movement capable of addressing the
legitimate aspirations of the millions of immigrants, undocumented and
otherwise, has not receded.

The current situation has created expansive division in the immigrant's
rights movement. We must recognize this and face it head-on.   Local
and regional coalitions and leaders throughout the country recognize
the challenges of the current situation, and we are united in working
together to find the answers and continue providing leadership to our
movement.   We have met on various occasions in regional and national
conferences and have agreed on some basic points of unity.

This is our call to others of like mind and motivation.
August 11 - 13th, 2006 to further unite our forces, establish a
national program and plan of action, create a national immigrant's
coordinating committee, and strengthen our network of legitimate base
organizations and coalitions to uplift the voice of the voiceless.

Please review the points of unity.  If you would like to participate
and add your name to the list of organizations that are endorsing the
convention please send an email to:
august11convention at movimiento10demarzo.org

More information about the convention will be posted on the website or
distributed via e-mail as it becomes available.
Please visit our website at  WWW.MOVIMIENTO10DEMARZO.ORG or call our
toll free number (877) 7 - MARCHA.

. Unconditional legalization for ALL
. No to H.R.4437 and similar senate version legislation
. No to the criminalization of immigrants
. No to border walls and militarization of the border
. No to guest-worker programs
. No to employer sanctions
. Yes to expedited family reunification visas
. Yes to the protection of labor and civil rights, and civil
. No to deportations
. No to the use of local law enforcement for immigration purposes.

Endorsed by:

Chicagoland Student Network for Immigrant Rights
Commitee For A Better Chicago (CFABC)
Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC)
Hermandad Mexicana de Portland, Oregon
Korean American Resource & Cultural Center
UNITE HERE Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board
March 25th Coalition - Los Angeles
May 1st Coalition - San Francisco
Immigrant Rights - Vermont
California Immigrant Rights Regional Conference
UTLA Human Rights Committee
Si Se Puede - San Diego
Organizacion 10 de Abril
New Jersey Civil Rights Defence Committee
Hermandad Mexicana de Seattle Washington
Latinos Unidos de Detroit
Unidos Por La Dignidad  - Georgia
Ermandad Latino Americana
April 10th Alliance - Chicago
Alianza 17 de Marzo - Atlanta
Centro Obrero de Detriot
Video Machete - Chicago
March 10th Movement - Chicago
Latino Chapter of Rainbow Push Coalition
Maria Inamagua Campaign for Justice
SouthEast Chicago Coalition for Immigrant Rights
The Mayan Calendar News
UNIRR (Red Unida de Inmigrantes)
Latinos United/Unidos of Michigan(LUUM)
Community In Action
International Socialist Organization

*** List is still forming***

Warm Regards,

Outreach Committee
March 10th Movement
(877) 7 - MARCHA

Thanks / Gracias!

Doris Ramirez
Logistics / Outreach Committee
March 10th Movement for Immigrant Rights
(877) 7 MARCHA Ext.#6

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