[Marxism] Marxist analysis of US/Israel offensives

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 26 21:31:29 MDT 2006

This is July 26th. Fidel gave not one but two major speeches today, yet
another new feat for Cuba's Commander-in-Chief. I'm just a boy of 62
and I wish I had half that man's energy! A few notes for Mike Friedman:

On the CubaNews list everything is done to try to provide as much news
and analysis from the Cuban viewpoint as possible. I heartily invite all
interested in Cuban politics to subscribe or read the archives which are
updated relentlessless with as much information as I'm able to provide.
No other service provides what CubaNews provides, including translations
from the Cuban media which the Cubans themselves don't provide. (End of
commercial announcement. It costs nothing to subscribe to CubaNews. See:

Here's a current Cuban article by a deputy foreign minister and a leader
in the International Relations Department of the Cuban Commmunist Party,
Fernando Remirez de Estonez:

"The solidarity that the Jews derived from their past hardships and the
Nazi holocaust are no excuse to justify Israel committing new crimes
including killings, terrorist acts and massive evictions of
Palestinians from what has been their homeland for more than a
thousand years.

"As part of their attempt to manipulate and distort history, the West
tries to hide the fact that for centuries the Jewish communities
lived and reached their height in the Middle East, North Africa and
the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim Arab kingdoms and caliphates that
respected their religious freedom, customs and ancient traditions;
while the Jews were the victims of the bloodiest persecution and
discrimination from "civilized Europe", where the word "pogrom" (an
organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, in particular that
of Jews in Europe) was invented." FULL

More analytical and theoretical materials are being published in such
Cuban journals as ORBE, a weekend weekly tabloid published by Prensa
Latina. More theoretical and analytical materials will be found in time
in the pages of Cuba Socialista, the theoretical and political magazine
edited by the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (again,
end of commercial here.) Sometimes CubaNews beats the Cubans in getting
some of these items translated to English, I'm proud to say.

Fidel Castro has spoken about the situation in the Middle East today and
his comments will be reported in detail in the Cuban media. There will be
more coverage as this struggle continues.

Cuba intervened in Angola because the MPLA government asked it do do so.
Pathfinder has published Nelson Mandela's reflections on some of this:
http://www.themilitant.com/2006/7028/702849.html in this week's MILITANT
and there's lots more material on Cuba's contributions to the African
liberation struggle in THE MILITANT which you can easily find at their
site. Last year there was lots and lots of stuff in the Cuban media on
the Angolan struggle. Go to the English section of the Granma daily and
Granma Internation for those. I'm tired. It's been a very long July 26th.

Fidel gave not one, but TWO big speeches today. One in the morning, one
in the evening. I will get a report out on those tomorrow.

Walter Lippmann
Bayamo, Cuba

Walter might offer us some analysis by the Cubans on the current conflict. 
Remember an earlier incarnation of apartheid and its conflict with the 
"frontline states," the Lebanon and Syria of its day? South Africa and 
its Washington overseers realized the danger of the nationalist movements 
brewing in those states. And so, Cuba went in. Why did Cuba intervene? 
And did they see the South African actions as irrational? Would that 
constitute a Marxist analysis?

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