[Marxism] WSJ report on "Christian Zionism" and its support forIsrael

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Thu Jul 27 06:56:12 MDT 2006

Very impressive.  But, is this really news?   Since about 1970, when the 
ex-riverboat captain Hal Lindsey published *The Late, Great Planet Earth*, 
there have been organized campaigns by Christian fundamentalists on behalf 
of Israel.   That there should be an intensification of such campaigns as 
support for Israel declines among Americans, or that the Good Cop/Bad Cop of 
international capital (NYT & WSJ) should herald their "success", is hardly 
noteworthy.   In reality, Christian fundamentalism is so *unpopular* in 
America that, whenever they run for political office under their *own* 
auspices, they invaribly lose.   Support for Israel among ordinary Americans 
is perhaps at its lowest point since the mid-1950s (when for the first time 
a "majority" supported the Jewish state, a support which peaked immediately 
following the1967 war).  Israel is discovering that, yes, you can buy your 
"friends", but doing so mirrors the dilemma of the man astride the tiger; 
what happens when the ride is over?

Louis G

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From: "Walter Lippmann" <walterlx at earthlink.net>
> Holy War
> A Texas Preacher
> Leads Campaign
> To Let Israel Fight
> Mr. Hagee Draws Evangelicals
> By Arguing Jewish State
> Fulfills Biblical Prophecy
> 'End of World as We Know It'
> July 27, 2006; Page A1
> WASHINGTON -- After Israel sent warplanes into Iraq in 1981 to bomb a
> nuclear reactor, Texas televangelist John Hagee sent letters to 150
> fellow Christian preachers to rally support for the Jewish state.

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