[Marxism] No need for Marxist analysis of US/Israel offensives

abu hartal abuhartal at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 27 11:49:25 MDT 2006


US govt simply thinks it has  to make credible to Iranian govt its power and 
willingness to overthrow it. Didn't Newt Gingrich say so much openly not too 
long ago?

The destruction of Iranian ally Hizbollah is intended
to show just that even if--nay exactly because--
it comes at the horrific cost of innocent Lebanese and Israeli lives.

>From the US perspective, shared with its Arab partners,
Iran has to be contained just as it had to be through
the Iran/Iraq war two decades ago: Iran can't be allowed to foment rebellion
anywhere in the region (as everyone knows,
the Gulf sheikhs and emirs are happy to see Hizbollah ruthlessly attacked);
it has to be kept at the margins in the new regimes in Iraq
and Afghanistan (we can be sure that the deluded US government
sees only the hand of Iran behind its difficulties);
and it should not stand in the way of the US' untrammeled
access to the Central Asian oil and gas bonanza.

This seems to be part of a war for regional hegemony or against a 
posthegemonic world.
Iran is not the target because it a theocratic repressive state. Which it 

This is also not a war imposed by the Israeli Lobby on the hapless US. So
the conspiracy thinkers should give it a rest.

There simply does not seem to me to be any great mystery about the US 
of the Israeli offensive.

Nor do I see any need for Marxist theory or Leninist cliches here.

Realist international relations theory seems to do the job of explanation 
just fine.

Perhaps even as James Mearscheimer has developed it!

Abu Hartal

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