[Marxism] Why Israel is defeated...or not

Gilles d'Aymery aymery at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jul 27 15:21:14 MDT 2006

The capture of the two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah was the pretext 
for an Israel's attack that had long been planned.

Israel's demands were:
Implementation of 1559 (disarm Hezbollah), return of the two 
soldiers, no negociations with the "terrorists". Then, as immediate 
events on the ground were not going to plan -- i.e. Hezbollah started 
to disrupt Nothern Israel's peace and tranquility, the Israeli 
government raised the ante: Get rid of Hezbollah, get rid of the 
"cancer" (term used by an Israeli diplomat in SF). No need for an 
international force to be posted in the South since a buffer zone all 
the way North back to the Litani river (water anyone?) would be put 
in place by the valiant warriors.

Well, let's see:

Hizbollah is far from disarmed. Actually, I can't fathom that 
Israelis could believe they can disarm Hizbollah or get rid of it. 
They could not achieve that aim for some 18 years, and they would 
have to either kill or expel some 40 pct of the Lebanese population.

Hizbollah is a much more formidable force -- guerilla-wise -- than in 
2000 when they finally forced Israel to go home (but for the Shaba 
farms). Israel has a long and painful way to go before she can reach 
the Litani.

The Israeli government does not talk much of liberating the two 
soldiers anymore...

It now talks of a 1.2 mile buffer and the presence of an 
international force, which will not be able to disarm Hizbollah more 
than the Israeli or Lebanese armies can.

Economic activity in Northern Israel has come to a screeching halt. A 
quarter of a million Israelis have become internally displaced 
people. To put it mildly, Israel is not used to this kind of 

The pro-US Lebanese government has been utterly destabilized. A huge 
majority of the Lebanese people support Hizbollah resistance to the 

The entire world is confronted with the US-Israeli collusion -- 
clear, naked pornography of sadistic violence.

It adds to the travails in Iraq...

I mean, the list is endless.

Now, anyone can see that a short buffer won't stop Hizbollah to rain 
rockets on the Galilee and Haiffa -- wonderful place and city, BTW. 
With a range of 30 miles plus, 1.2 mile won't make a difference.

Hizbollah will regroup and we will be back to square one.

But, here is the catch: Maybe this entire atrocity has little to do 
with Hizbollah and all to do with the American enterprise in the 
Mideast -- total control. Remaining to be under the boots are the 
Syrians and the Iranians. Maybe, this is where it's going, courtesy 
of the the US plans. If Hizbollah can't be brought into submission 
then its "sponsors" must be dealt with forcefully. Perhaps, the *real 
objective* has little to do with Lebanon. Egypt, Jordan, Saudi 
Arabia, the Gulf mini states are all in the US ledger. Missing are 
Syria and Iran, the last two pawns on the US chessboard. The road to 
Damascus and Teheran by and through Beirut?

It's strange (to me) that Israel does not see that she is another 
pawn... but oh well...

Allow me to inject a little humor in the midst of this mayhem: I was 
asking an Israeli friend what the heck was going on with this planned 
sudden madness. Her answer: "Well, we are the only democracy in the 
region as the story goes. Lebanon was competing with our angelic 
status. This could not be tolerated. Then, think of it, it's good for 

It says it all, no?

Gilles d'Aymery

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