[Marxism] Marxist Answers to Non-Marxist Questions

lvnadal lvnadal at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 27 20:05:30 MDT 2006

Two things-- 1.  Proyect vowed I would never ever post on Marxmail again.

2. Gilles asked for Marxist explanations and got nothing but excuses.

So as a point of honor to both:

Try this:

For the US, the war is pre-determined by the stumble in the rate of
profit, the rate of return on investment evident in 1998 and in
particular after the Asian "financial crisis" of 96-97-98.

Oil prices fall below $10 a barrel as overproduction actually works to
bring prices in line with value, with actual costs of production.

The overproduction in oil is emblematic of the general overproduction,
most acutely in telecommunications/info processing and... trucks.

OPEC intervenes again.  If OPEC didn't exist, the US would have
invented it.

Prices are jacked.  The rate of profit reinflates, overproduction now
manifests itself in speculative frenzy.  What's next?  Hard or soft
landing?  Sept 11, settled that.  No soft landings, unless you think
slamming into a building at 500 mph is a soft landing.

Results?  Oil up even higher.  $100 billion in subsidies, grants, tax
breaks to US corporations... and the need, quite literally to begin
destruction of productive apparatus and keep the price of oil up to
redistribute profits to the US in general, and the US oil industry in

In a word, the dynamics of overproduction.  Oil prices falls in 2002,
Bush beats the war drum, and keeps beating it.

Now as for Israel-- Israel is the new Union of South Africa, the
apartheid, settler state.  The invasion of Lebanon, like the destruction
of West Bank and Gaza have roots in overproduction, necessity of driving
down, to zero, costs of sustaining economic relations with the
Bantustans, and controlling, i.e. destroying, the indigenous population,
and any support that population might receive.

The Israeli invasion of Lebanon is quite similar to the Uof SA's
invasion of Angola in the 1980s.

OK Lou, you can unsub me again now.

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