[Marxism] an idea "...to construct an alliance between them..."

Andy esquincle at capital.net
Thu Jul 27 22:00:58 MDT 2006

This idea (below) occurred to me early this year, while driving back  
from NYC after a press conference I attended, in support of my  

In my own neighborhood, we have seen many attacks, many lives disrupted  
if not destroyed.

They include --

a young Jordanian pizza parlor owner from Albany, NY deported -- after  
being tortured at the Metropolitan Detention Center in NYC -- for the  
alleged crime of being heard (across a busy city intersection)  
denouncing the USA;

a young pizza delivery person from Hudson, ultimately deported to  
Pakistan for the crime of taking a photograph from a hilltop that had a  
glorious view on a clear autumn day;

a Rome, NY oncologist whose crime was trying to help sick Iraqis -- and  
who had been counted as a terrorist by Ashcroft -- but who was  
convicted instead of Medicare fraud;

a preposterous FBI entrapment operation in Albany, in which a local  
Kurdish Imam remains in impossibly strict confinement;

the case of Imam Umar -- see our literature at

I'll wager that my little town, ultimately, is not that different from  
anyone else's.
(I also think that Mauri’ Saalakhan's work might help show the way.   

But I didn't really understand this notion until Yoshie's big nudge.

Now Gary says:

> Roughly and crudely speaking traditional opposition seems to be  
> strongest in the Islamic world while opposition of the latter kind is  
> strongest in Latin America.
> So we have two sources of opposition to the new Order.  It is vital to  
> construct an alliance between them. That will not be easy – witness  
> some of the recent threads on this list.

the idea:

We at Marxmail might consider forming an International Muslim Defense  
-- an internet project of marxists -- that concentrates data  
documenting the victimization of Muslims by imperialism, -- "the global  
war on terror" -- broadly cast, together with info about how to contact  
those exposing the crimes or supporting the victims.... from  
Mazar-i-sharif to Maher Arar to Bint Jbeil, etc.  Many of us are  
intense readers.  Some of us are prolific posters.  We should direct  
fundraising directly to the cause at hand -- and we should also have a  
way to ask for funds for a website that has a paper newsletter that can  
be downloaded as well as mailed or sold or handed out, multilingual.


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