[Marxism] Gelb op-ed in WSJ

Rohan Gaiswinkler rohanger at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jul 28 09:09:48 MDT 2006

>Leslie Gelb's op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal reflects the views 
>that faction within the ruling class  - IMO, the more sober one - 
>believes the advanced capitalist countries can use their political and
>economic leverage more effectively than their military power, and that 
>differences with the nationalist regimes and movements in the Middle 
>are not irreconcilable.

  >This addresses the point I was trying to make yesterday. From the 
interests of the US ruling class, Gelb's outlook makes more sense than 
neoconservative adventures. The same thing was true in South Africa, 
the British wing of the ruling class finally having the good sense to 
the end of apartheid or in the USA, backing the New Deal. By contrast, 
Hitlerites were acting against the interests of the ruling class by 
recklessly invading the USSR. But fanatical rightwing politics takes on 
logic of its own, as the current foreign policy of the USA and Israel 
  But doesn't Gelb's position assume the US can maintain hegemony using mostly economic leverage with oil rich Middle East regimes, rather than military power, and that this will be sustainable in the longer term?  Assuming that the ground-ruIes will stay the same is an error I believe.  I simply don't buy the argument that the Neocons have painted themselves into an irrational corner that compares with Hitler invading the USSR.  Too broad a section of the ruling class supports this stuff in political conditions too unlike those of mid-war Nazi Germany.  
  Even if peak oil is further off than pessimists believe, growing demand will have the effect of strengthening oil rich nations including Iran, thereby weaking the now oil poor (but very oil greedy) US in relative terms.
  Also if the Neocons and others in the US ruling class believe the US is heading towards economic decline, then doesn't their military adventurism make sense from a capitalist point of view?

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