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> there did exist a state --
> the Ottoman Empire (an experience missing in the Americas) -- that
> encompassed North Africa, West Asia, and parts of Europe, and that the
> dissolution of that state -- from internal and external pressures --
> was as significant a world-historical event as the conquest of the New
> World in the development of capitalism

I am afraid Yoshie is wrong on this assumption.  On this, there 
exists a common starting point for Arabs and Latin Americans.  There 
_did_ exist such a state (or equivalent thereof) in Latin America, 
which was the Hispanic Empire (and its counterpart, the Portuguese 
Empire).  The relation between Ibero-Americans and their metropolises 
was different from that which was established between capitalist 
colonies or colonial territories and Britain, France, Japan, etc.

In fact, at least in Hispanic America the wars for Emancipation of 
the early 19th Century were an integral part of the crisis of _that_ 
state, and the revolutionaries of those times struggled to keep that 
unity of the state against the modern capitalist powers of Europe, 
namely Britain.  On this, they continued the warlike effort of the 
Bourbon dinasties of Spain after 1750, more or less.  What's more:  
many of them were important officials during the late years of the 
Spanish regime.

As a consequence of the above, for Latin Americans, 1492 is NOT the 
year when any "old world" of ours ended, but the _starting point_ for 
Latin America.  There was no Latin America, nor could have existed, 
prior to 1492.  We are full size half-caste, from the beginning.  And 
proud of that.

Our relation towards the Spanish (and Portuguese) colonization can 
_by no means_ be equated with that of the First Nations in North 
America against the settlers who came in to destroy them and wipe the 
land of people.  I am not romanticizing it, but it was quite 
different, and miscegenation (at every level, and, yes, full of rape, 
violence, crime, etc., I am not denying this) has a lot to do with 
all the problem (or not).

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