[Marxism] There did exist a state in Latin America (two)

Lüko Willms lueko.willms at t-online.de
Fri Jul 28 22:58:33 MDT 2006

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 17:48:46 -0300, Nestor Gorojovsky wrote:

> > there did exist a state --  the Ottoman Empire 
> > (an experience missing in the Americas) -- that encompassed North 
> > Africa, West Asia, and parts of Europe, and that the
> > dissolution of that state -- from internal and external pressures --
> > was as significant a world-historical event as the conquest 
> > of the New World in the development of capitalism
> I am afraid Yoshie is wrong on this assumption.  
  Ah, this time at least the reader may know whom Nestor is answering to

> On this, there exists a common starting point 
> for Arabs and Latin Americans.  There _did_ exist 
> such a state (or equivalent thereof) in Latin America, 
> which was the Hispanic Empire (and its counterpart, 
> the Portuguese Empire).  

  Now, I don't know _which_ message by Yoshie Furuhashi you are 
referring to, so I can't try and find out the context, but what both 
overlook is that before the Ottoman empire, there was the Arabs 
themselves who had conquered half of the Mediterranean rim, large parts 
of Asia and Africa. 

  There was an Arab empire, and there is an Arab nation, whose unity and 
common language was not imposed by a foreign colonizer. The Arabs 
conquered and colonized themselves (the Berber in the Maghreb, Marco and 
Algeria, still feel such oppression). But, OK, the Arabs could not 
maintain it and fell under the Ottoman rule...

   There were also efforts to unify the separate states which came out 
after Ottoman and european colonization; e.g. the creation of the 
"United Arab Republic" of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, which didn't last 
long, and which resonates in the official name of Egypt, and in the 
national flags of the three participants -- all the same 
red-white-black, differing just in the number of stars in the white 
stripe (Egypt: 1, Syria: 2, Iraq: 3). 

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