[Marxism] Protesters: War a man's issue

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Sat Jul 29 18:07:26 MDT 2006

From: "Jesse Jack" <jjack99645 at gmail.com>

>I find it interesting that, while Condoleeza Rice trots around the world
> trying to drum up sympathy for the Israeli war machine, anyone could try 
> to
> blame this war on the male gender. I can recall years ago hearing people
> make statements such as "If women ran the world, there would be no war"
> while Madeline Albright rained death upon Yugoslavia.
> I wouldn't be surprised to hear that women are more "anti-war" in general,
> but this whole argument is a red herring. Men don't gain from war. As a 
> man,
> I haven't gained anything from war other than the fear of being 
> conscripted.
> If men happen to be over-represented in the ruling class that DOES gain 
> from
> war, it doesn't mean much because that class is such a minute percentage 
> of
> the total population. The truth is that class struggle is the root of this
> conflict; blaming it on one gender only obscures the point.
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I've heard various people talk about the effects of militarisation in 
Israeli society, including amongst women (who serve in the army as well). 
Anyone know any good material on this? On a different subject, also any good 
writing on the role played by women in the Soviet army (that's not written 
from a reactionary perspective)?


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