[Marxism] Re: Protesters: War a man's issue

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Sun Jul 30 06:56:34 MDT 2006

From: "Marvin Gandall" <marvgandall at videotron.ca>

> Frankly, I'd be more interested in information on the combat role of women
> in the Soviet Union during World War II and during the revolutionary wars 
> in
> China, Vietnam, Cuba, and Nicaragua. While the heavy hand of the past was
> present, I'm sure, in the composition and internal structure of these
> political parties and their armed forces, I suspect the historical record 
> of
> these conflicts would still cast some doubt on the thesis that war is
> primarily a "gendered" rather than a class phenomenon.
There is also factors to consider such as the sexual allure of military men 
(which may well be a cultural construction) to many women - why, for 
example, American GIs stationed in the UK during WW2 were especially 
attractive to a significant number of British women. After seeing the 
hoardes of frantically cheering women, quite besides themselves, that turned 
out to hail the return of the task force after the Falklands war, I found it 
much harder to believe in war and militarism being things purely reducible 
to masculine needs and instincts. Any analysis of machismo and its 
destructive and reactionary qualities needs to take into account the fact 
that in some manifestations it can be highly attractive to a significant 
number women, at least at present.


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